Some more great comments and questions!

First off, I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your site and I have everyone I know hooked on the Scrabble Sprint Challenge.  I just wanted to let you know though that I think most of the keyboard shortcuts are broken.  Space doesn't seem to push the plunger down and most of the directional buttons don't work.

I tried it in a few systems and it seems to be consistent throughout.  Hope I'm not wasting your time.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Sincerely Yours,
Sean T. Johnston

Well Sean, I'm sure that many people have noticed - especially the ones who USED to litter the high score board with the infamous 0.0 scores - that something must be 'wrong' with the game.. but, in fact, it's just the opposite! I FIXED IT!

The way the "Scrabble Speed Freaks" used to hack the game was by using a mouse / space bar combination to very quickly start the game THEN immediately buzz in to answer the puzzles that they memorized. So after 5 questions, they had a score of less than .099 seconds - which looked like 0.0 since I didn't round up the scores.

Another more recent problem was that someone pointed out if you held down either of the arrow keys, you could fill in the word within a second (due to safeguard programming error on my behalf).

Thus the only way to rectify the problem was to take away some of the "convienient features" I had incorporated into the game, and to add a special rule that you need to at least have ONE letter on the board during a new turn before you can hit the plunger.

So contrary to popular belief, the game isn't "broken" - it's actually "fixed" ;)

== JAY to FG CREW: ==
Good luck with the re-launch!! I hope ya'll go out and kick ass on it, seriously!! MUCH MILWAUKEE LOVE!!!

Peace Out!! ;)

Yo Dawg, we'z down wit'cha! We're feelin' the love! Giv'n out big F-G style props to all da old skool gamers in da house, say YOOOOO!!

On the face the devil game, lady luck is on my side because so far after you re-opened the sight, I only lost to the Devil 4 or 5 times and I won with $1,000 or more, although it is called "invisible money" on your site.  However, I think that the Face the Devil game on is not only my favorite flash game show, but it is also the most exciting. 

Keep up the good work!!!
Juan Melendez

Well I'm glad we're able to provide some of the exciting entertainment during your day, and we're going to have something special in the FG² Store for all our fans very soon. Stay Tuned!

Here are some previous questions from our loyal fans!

I am really looking forward to playing all the games again.  Out of curiosity, I have been coming to the site for years, and actually went through a couple of the hiatus'. After the first one you guys became Flash Games 2.  Shouldn't you now be Flash Games 3?
Loyal fan

Well Brett, I knew at some point we'd get this question, just didn't think it would be our FIRST ONE! We had discussed this point once we brushed the cobwebs off the computers to revise the site. After much thought, we decided that if we continued renaming ourselves rebirth after rebirth, could you imagine the jokes? "I was playing a great game over on FLASHGames Quad.. " or even "The games on FLASHGames Hex are fun!" ;)

Hey guys. I really am happy to see you're coming back. I've had your site in my favorites for such a long time and really thought the "we'll be back soon"message would never go away. I'm looking forward to playing your games again and re-connecting with everyone on the message board.

-Kevin AKA Lucylover1986

Well Kevin, you are certainly not the only one who shares this sentiment. We have had many letters like yours asking when we were coming back.. and even WE didn't know.

BUT - I wanted to post your letter because of the last comment you made about the message board. For the time being, we have decided NOT to reimplement the Message Board. In all honestly, it began to get out of hand with people going off-topic and attracted the wrong type of attention. While we were glad to have a place for people to share stories and ideas, it came to a point where - to use a cliché - "The inmates were running the asylum".

Should the time come, down the road, that we feel we have a staff in place that will take the reigns of the Message Board with an iron fist - we'll reconsider.

I can't wait for your site to open. I'm really excited to see what it will be like. It's not the first week of April. What day do you plan on opening up for business?

Jeff W.
Madison Wisconsin

Now Jeff.. remember the phrase "Good things come to those who wait?" ;)

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