MrGameShow -- SEPTEMBER 25, 2006



Well, as I'm sure you all know.. in traditional FLASHGames style, we've promised something only to make you wait.. and wait.. and wait a little longer.

I'm very pleased to announce that Dazz and the team have come up with some great new games for our fans to play, and we'll be launching the new feature next Sunday, October 1st, 2006.

QUICKPlay is our way of bringing something to the website that has been requested for many years - Q&A games. Truth be told, I've always been dead set against games of that nature. Reason why is because whenever the concept would come up, I would cring at the prospect of having to write enough questions to satisfy the masses.

When I finally DID take the plunge with SCRABBLE SPRINT Challenge, it only took about 48 hours to get reports that my game had been "broken". People found a couple glitches in the game which I had never thought of; also since there wasn't 1,000 puzzle words, people played it enough to memorize the clues.

So this time around, taking a cue from Dan's version of REPLAY over at GSNN, it was decided to launch a game that would give you a reason to come over to the website each day (like you didn't already!) and enjoy a fresh puzzle to kickstart your day!

The games will generally be between 30-60 seconds in length, and only ONE puzzle per day to start. Reloading the page will do nothing but offer up the exact same puzzle. New games and puzzles will become available after Midnight MT. We are still debating on if the weekends will continue with new games, or they will be the QUICKPLAY REPLAY of all the puzzles for the week..

We're always looking for more writers to add to our team - maybe if we get enough people writing for us, we can expand the feature to make mulitple puzzles available on the same day! If you've got some questions you'd like to submit, feel free to drop them to us at (you might even notice that you could be playing your own puzzle on a future edition!)

We hope that you join us next Monday for the official launch, and in the meanwhile.. if you could be kind enough to click your mouse on a couple of those big things on the sides of the pages, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show