MrGameShow -- JULY 09, 2006



You never know what to expect when you ask the fans for suggestions, and our little gaggle of game show gurus are no exception to the rule - mind you, they do tend to stray from the point!

First - some background.

As you saw on the front page of the website, we're introducing a new segment to the show called QUICKPLAY.

The premise came from a collaboration that my 'partner in crime' Dan Berger (Dazztardly if yer nasty) came up with for the crew over at Game Show News Net called "FLASHGames REPLAY". These were little games that took all but a few seconds to play through.

Since our resurgence on the Internet came rather suddenly, we didn't want to just develop a new game to post up and people get tired of it in a week or two; we wanted something that we could keep fresh.

Because we were officially BACK online with our own website, we could bring REPLAY over to our site. Get some people to write for it, and away we go.

Our next step was to announce the plans to the Internet community and get some feedback from the fans on the type of games they'd like to see played. The problem with this was that I may not have explained the concept clear enough - or people just ignored it to say which full games they wanted us to make.

In the middle of all this email, someone wrote in to accuse us of stealing the idea of LIGHTSPEED from the PacDudeGames website (which is an addicting little game if you want to hop to our links section to go check it out!). I can see that miscommunication was in the air and needed to review my writeup. QUICKPLAY is meant as a daily single puzzle with a rotating game show theme. You may play WIPEOUT one day, then play MILLIONAIRE the next.

The suggestions were plentiful - some great, some borderline, and some simply misunderstood. We've discussed which of the shows could be formatted into the premise of the new segment, and have been busily preparing them for your entertainment pleasure!

I had someone write in today with the age-old question "When is this coming out?" and in true political form, I replied "We're not ready to release that information at this present time."

Truth of the matter is that we've all been busy putting these games together, while finding little glitches here and there. This is going to be a stepping stone in the way our content is brought to our fans, and we hope you enjoy it!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show