MrGameShow -- JUNE 16, 2006


GAME SHOW MARATHON.. the great demise.

Like a lot of people in the game show community, I was very much looking forward to the return of the show. What a great comeback for game shows with people being exposed to seven different formats!

As most of you know, I was involved in the PRESS YOUR LUCK portion of the show. I was asked to make up a playable 'office' version so that the producers could play around with board layouts and plan accordingly. The video you see on the link from the GSM page is the actual starting of my game.

After they received my game, I had a call from the company who were doing graphics for the show (FISH*EGGS) asking ME a bunch of questions about the colours and slides. I thought that was pretty neat. They asked if they could have access to the prize slide graphics from the game, but I had to decline because they were too small for what they needed. While the opportunity presented itself, I said that I could take the time to recreate them to their specs if they hired me to do it. And so they did! Quite cool to see my work on the Big Board!

When I caught wind about the show being hosted by Ricki Lake, I was skeptical. You didn't want someone who would STEAL the show's spotlight from the celebs, but you wanted someone who would have some relation to them. A comedian would be trying too hard to incorporate their act into the show. So I figured it wouldn't be too bad.. boy - was I wrong.

Ricki, I adore you from your talk show and all the great things you've done for people -- but you shouldn't ever host a game show again. The only good thing that you were able to accomplish was throwing to commercial with a smile. You had no buildup, no tension breakers, and sounded like a broken record half the time. didn't put anything up about the show until about a week before it was to air, and even then, left out TIM MEADOWS from the roster. When they updated the site to include him, they didn't link to a profile for him. The only reason I can even fathom is that he's the only one of the 6 who still has a job..

The show itself - I loved the premise of opening the TV to a blinding light, and VOILA! There would be the recreation of the game show right in front of your eyes! Big props to the people at CBS Electronics for an incredible job on reconstruction of the sets. I imagine it wasn't an easy task. They cut some corners here and there, but overall a great job.

And now - the EDITING..

Okay - if you aren't familiar with TV, there's something you need to know. The DIRECTOR only has the task of doing their job during the show. They tell the cameras where to shoot, help cue things where they need to be cued, etc. Once the shooting day is done there, the tapes from the day go off to the EDITORS. This is where the magic tragedy happens.

If the editors took as much time as the director did learning about the show, these poor shows wouldn't have looked like the hatchet job they have been to date. Such a shame to know that the director would get all the blame for a show looking bad, when it's not even their fault.

I've had the opportunity to work with R. Brian DiPirro on a few projects in the past, and I can tell you that what you see on TV from this series is likely NO WHERE CLOSE to what you'd see on the director's tape from the day of shooting. (There is a tape which is recorded directly from the switcher that tapes the shots the director calls during the shoot, as if it was live to TV.)

Will the show come back? That's very much up in the air. It completed very nicely in the time slot against some of the major shows, but the question is if the viewing audience wants to see it again.

Suggestions if it comes back? Find some celebrities who WANT TO PLAY - someone like Kathy Griffin would be great to watch. Get some more shows that can involve REAL contestants along with the celebrities - the portion of Let's Make A Deal where they pulled audience members up to play was a GREAT addition. They could have done that for Beat The Clock as well.

I can only hope it comes back, but the key will be letting CBS know with emails and letters that you enjoyed the series and want to see it come back!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show