MrGameShow -- MAY 9, 2006

As most of the game show internet fans know, FREMANTLEMEDIA and CBS took on the task of bringing back seven different game shows in a series based on something they did in the U.K. (in order to revive the game show genre). They invited celebrities to compete in the show, with the field getting narrowed down to one overall winner.

FLASHGames² is happy to announce that we had a small part in the process of breathing some life into the fourth show in the series, PRESS YOUR LUCK!

One of the reasons that I was given this opportunity was because I was also involved in the Season Two development stages of WHAMMY: THE ALL NEW PRESS YOUR LUCK - when the Big Bank was coming into play, I helped develop a playable (and changable) prototype board [which evolved into the online game you have enjoyed for the last couple of years!]

Having done so, the producers were sent my way to develop a similar type of system in which they could test out board configurations, and also have a working prototype in order to use with Ricki Lake during rehearsals. I've placed some elements of the game for your viewing enjoyment HERE! [Read the rest of the article first.. ;) ]

One of the benefits of having a bunch of game show fans as friends, is that you can usually find some graphics lying around the Internet which can help kickstart the project. Low and behold, our staffer DJDustman had just the ticket. He had already developed the main board graphic, as well as a Photoshop template to create slides with. Using these tools, I was well on my way towards completing the project.

The second half of the task was that since the show needed to be UPDATED, many new PRIZE SLIDES had to be created. Staples like the CARRIBEAN CRUISE and FLOKATI RUG were there, but newer prizes like XBOX and ELLIPTICAL TRAINER had to be done from scratch.

Honestly - I hate doing graphics. If there's one thing in this world that I wish I had, it's the artistic ability to add depth and texture to my abnormally dull 2D drawings. The only way I know how to do that is to cheat and create stuff in 3D Studio MAX. Unfortunately, that's even more of a pain.

Thus, with the help of Alex Davis (from BUZZER) and DJDustman, we were able to develop a new set of prize slides for the game. We made the graphics 'to fit' the little 140pix squares in the program, and wrapped that project up in a couple days.

Fast Forward a couple weeks.

I receive an email from Chris Roe at FISH*EGGS, (an INCREDIBLE graphic designer in Hollywood - who was responsible for the great graphics on DOND) requesting my help. At the time, I'm thinking to myself, "What in gawd's name could he need MY help on?!"

After we touch base and get the formalities out of the way, the reason he was calling was that they were so swamped with the graphics package for the show, he wanted to know if it would be possible to help them out by giving them the prize graphic slides we had produced for the prototype game- since he figured they were tucked away in a directory on the computer.

I informed him that the graphics were developed to fit the small-scaled board and didn't translate well upscaled to the size they needed; but if they were in a bind, I'd take some time to redo the slide graphics in a scalable format. So we agreed on a price, and away we went.. developing all 31 of the potential prize slides that you will get to win on the Big Board!

I was fortunate enough to hear back from some of the fans that were able to attend the rehearsal and tape day of the show, hearing that there was a definate electricity in the air. Since there is such an 'air of secrecy' to the outcomes of the games, I have no idea what prizes you are actually going to get to see on the board, or exactly how many of them were hit for close-ups.

We hope that we've done some justice with the graphics, and please feel free to drop us a line to our VIEWER MAIL if you have something you want to say!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show