MrGameShow -- APRIL 23, 2006


As irony would have it, I found myself realising this weekend that I hadn't checked the website stats all week long - at least it's something that I like to keep track of in order to see if we're losing speed or not.

Due to a unforgivable flaw in a code that I use to count game opening and plays, I've faced the problem that sometimes if an error occurs, the code totally resets the counter and thus we've lost our data. Thankfully, however, I have the website statistics to back me up a little.

I discovered that no matter the problem, the site stats maintain the number of times this code gets tapped. So when I checked it out tonight, I discovered that we had reached the monumental 100,000 plays - and only two weeks into the whole site being opened!

It came to my attention (while updating these pages), that I've neglected to splash together some of the other content for the menu.. I'm trying to juggle more than I should be at the moment, so please bare with me while I continue to figure out how to balance everything out in my schedule! :)

We hope that you enjoy the games again, and please feel free to drop us a line to our VIEWER MAIL if you have something you want to say! If you see something wrong with the website, please drop a line to and try to include as much detail about the error as you can!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show