MrGameShow -- APRIL 7, 2006


Yes, I know you've all been impatiently waiting all week long for the site to get finished, and today was just the right day to complete all the tasks that needed to be completed!

Granted, you'll still notice that there are still a lot of greyed-out links on the menu, but those will all come into play once we've established some new relationships. It's still going to take time to build the site up to the level that we're anticipating, but I'm very excited for the future of FLASHGames².

We put the call out for some development help to all our fans, and some brave souls have stepped up to the plate to become part of our team. These people will be responsible for coming up with everything from writing trivia for our games, to creating original music - so like all other game shows out there, I'll keep their names a secret so they won't get harassed about what the new games are. ;)

And to answer the question before we get buried with emails - the reason there are no NEW games to start off the launch is because we felt the most important thing to do is to re-establish ourselves on the Internet, as well as rebuild our fanbase once again, so that our new games will appear to a larger audience when they are finally released. What sort of bragging rights could we have with only 20 people playing the game the first day? :D

We hope that you enjoy the games again, and please feel free to drop us a line to our VIEWER MAIL if you have something you want to say! If you see something wrong with the website, please drop a line to and try to include as much detail about the error as you can!

Till Then, Take Care!
Mr. Game Show