We might be the first stop for your game show needs,
but we're not the ONLY stop you should make!

JRJ Games - www.jrjgames.com
A long time friend of FLASHGames, John Ricci is now working in Hollywood, developing a ton of new shows to keep those buzzers going, and giving away tons of cash and prizes!!

The Best 80s and 90s Game Shows- www.thebestgs.net
Where you can find anything about popular NBC game shows from the 80s and 90s, hosted by our very own DJDustman!


Buzzer Blog- www.buzzerblog.com
The place Jesus goes to find his game show news.. ya know.. the spanish fan!

Game Show NewsNet- www.gameshownewsnet.com
If you want to find out anything happening in the reality world, this is your place.

Golden Road- www.golden-road.net
If you’re a The Price is Right fan, this is THE stop for anything and everything you desire.

Bother’s Bar- www.bothersbar.co.uk
A British site/blog with constant Deal or No Deal updates.

UK Game Shows- www.ukgameshows.com
The only website you’ll ever need to go to if you wish to find information about any British game show.

Game Show America- www.gameshowamerica.com
Matthew King runs a company that brings the corporate game show TO YOU!


Joytube- www.joytube.com
The website that took over the void while we were away, and still going strong!

Gamesville- www.gamesville.com
Play free online game shows for cash prizes!

Pacdude Games- www.pacdudegames.com
A former FLASHGames member with some great knock-off (but original!) games

BigJon’s PC Games- www.bigjonpcgames.com
Unlike other sites, this one offers you fully downloadable game show games!



Todd Newton

Randy West

Daniel Rosen

David Ruprecht

Steve Ryan


GSN: The Network for Games- www.gsn.com
The 19 hours a day, 7 days a week network devoted to game, reality, and casino shows.


GSN Game Show Casino Games- gsn.com/casino-games
The place to play game show games like Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune! Super fun stuff!


Classic Game Shows- www.classicgameshows.com
The premiere site to find information about classic game shows,
Deal or No Deal stats, and the famous Whew! website.

Australian Game Show Page- http://members.iinet.net.au/%7Epowney/gameshow/homepage.htm
A plethora of information about Australian game shows, like Deal or No Deal and Temptation.

TQ's Game Show and Reality Themes- http://gsthemes.freeweb7.com/
A collection of theme songs from the world of game shows and reality!.

Game Show Central - www.gscentral.net
Not just a game show blog.. it's Game Show Central!

Television Production Music Museum - http://tvpmm.com
If you've ever wanted some of those rare clips and music from your favorite shows, now you can hit up this website and listen to all they have to offer!


Recipe Gold Mine- www.recipegoldmine.com
While you are playing your favorite games on here, you need to eat! So jump over to our friend's website to find thousands of recipes from around the world, plus ideas for stuff you can do OUTDOORS!

Credit Doctor's Award Winning Credit Repair Software- www.creditdoctorsoftware.com
Are you running into credit problems and need some help? This is the place to go for some great advice plus a wonderful program that can help walk you through how to repair your credit and fix problems with your credit reports!