We are interactive software developers (mainly online) since 2000, bringing playable game show games to fans via our website, http://www.flashgameshows.com . Our website gets an average of 16,000 visitors every month, with our online games being played over 100,000 times in that same period!

Being in the eye of the game show community, executives from FremantleMedia and Game Show Network made a request to build functioning game demo in which they would be able to play-test some new ideas for the second season of their hit show, WHAMMY: THE ALL NEW PRESS YOUR LUCK. After building a successful prototype game, the software was used not only to develop and implement the new features for the show, but also to screen potential contestants for future episodes.

Earning the respect of both companies for our attention to detail and professional respect for the genre, we have been involved in several developmental stages; from concept design, to play testing, all the way up to final production.

Our work can currently be seen on the “i” Network (formally PAX-TV) on the family show AMERICA ’S MOST TALENTED KIDS, having developed the judge’s scoring system. The system incorporates the judges inputting their scores, having the averages calculated in real time, and displayed live-to-air on cue.

This summer, our graphic work can be seen on the PRESS YOUR LUCK portion of the upcoming series GAME SHOW MARATHON on CBS.